How to Draw a House Floor Plan on Your Gadget

How to Draw a House Floor Plan

Are you confused about how to create a home design in your gadget? Don't you know how to draw a house floor plan? Are you on no budget to pay architects or home designers to design and draw your dream home plan? Well, You can try to design and draw your house floor plan on your mobile phone or home computer. 

Here are some apps that can help you create your home design, complete with video tutorials. just download it on the Playstore and App store, or directly to its website to practice creating the design of your dream home.

There are many options for apps to create a home design on mobile or computer. Almost all apps charge a fee package for the Pro version. However, before you use the Pro version, you can first use the free version, especially just to draw a simple house design.

This free version is also enough to channel your imagination into creating dream home designs. In addition to the user-friendly view, technical use is also very easy to understand by laypeople though.

How to Draw a House Floor Plan With Floor Plan Creator 

how to draw a house floor plans

This Floor Plan Creator app is very user-friendly so it is suitable for those of you who want to design a home but lazy pictures. There is a drag and drop feature in creating a house plan. The floor plan length and width settings can be set by clicking the floor plan line and entering the desired number. 

You can also add many items to your home plan. From doors, windows, stairs, kitchen sets, to bathroom contents such as bathtub, shower, to the toilet.

There's a 3-dimensional feature that lets you see and get into the design of your newly created home. Well, it's just to export the results of this app you have to activate to Standard or Pro Version yes, only $5,- for the Standard and $7,- for the Pro Version per year, so it's not expensive right.

You can start your first project on or you can download the app on google play for mobile version.

You can also add minimalist house designs up to several floors and copy certain floor designs and apply them on different floors. So don't bother redesigning every floor.

How to Create a Home Design With Planner 5D

How to Draw a House Floor Plan

This home design app is very innovative. From the beginning of entering the app, you will be offered design templates, ranging from designing your home, office, to industrial Loft.  But even if you want to design from scratch, the developer has provided a lot of features that you've designed.

You can download the apps on App Store, Google Play, and Mac App Store, or you can go to

There is drag and drop menu to design a minimalist house plan. Also, there are many variations of items that can be added in embellishing the design look, such as doors, partitions, roofs, furniture, trees, vehicles, to wall and floor decorations.

Besides being able to display the 3-dimensional look of the minimalist home design you create, one advantage of this app is that it can display the design results through vr (Virtual Reality) display. 

You'll see the design of your work more real. But, make sure your phone has gyroscope sensor specifications to see it.

Well, the downside of this app is that you can only screenshot home design results and share them via email. To get the full HD image export result, you must subscribe or buy the full application.

How to Make a Blue Print of Your House With Magicplan

How to Draw a House Floor Plan

This Magicplan app lets you design your home from home floor plan images. All sizes of the length and width of the building plan and room can be set like a calculator. This is only ready on mobile version and you can download on App store and Google play.

So you will have no trouble in determining the size of the house plan up to 2 or 3 floors though.

The choice of creating a floor plan is also various, ranging from using the camera, using the border editor, or drawing freely can be done.

In making the room also provided options, want to draw your own or directly use a square shape, just drag & drop. Very Practical for beginners, including installing doors, windows, and other items such as stairs and other items.

You can also add home items such as tables, chairs, cabinets, beds, fireplaces, dishwashers, flower pots, and more.

The result of your minimalist home design besides being able to be seen in a 2-dimensional format, we can also see it in a 3-dimensional format so that it looks more real. There are video tutorials also available by the developer for those of you who want to learn, just watch. 

There's also an Estimate feature that lets you calculate the cost of each part of the house plan you've drawn. You can also export the results of minimalist home designs in the form of pdf, jpg, png, svg, csv, and dxf. 

For free use is provided only a few times export 2D files only in pdf form. Don't forget to register first at the beginning.

Thus guide how to design a home plan on a mobile phone or computer. Before purchasing the paid version, please try creating a home design by using the app. Bring out all the imagination about your dream home.

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